The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Under $40

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide Poster Whether you are looking for something educational for the stocking or a gift for the relative who has everything, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of Christmas goodies available right now at The Chart & Map Shop.

For the Kids

Awesome Maps KidsMapAwesome Maps KidsMap

Keep them busy with the first interactive analogue map for kids, combining beautiful illustrated stickers with fun flash cards that guide kids through a world of animals, places and cultures.


World GeoPuzzleWorld GeoPuzzle

This unique puzzle is like no other with its 68-colourful pieces shaped like countries and groups of countries. The multiple award-winning puzzle will make learning geography fun.


50 Things To Do On A Journey50 Things to Do on a Journey

If you are taking a road trip these holidays, do yourself a favour and include a little something in their stocking to keep them quiet on the long drive. Every activity appears on separate, durable cards for use on multiple road trips. While there is no guarantee you won’t hear ‘Are we there yet?’, the cards will surely keep them busy.


For the Teens

World Scratch MapWorld Scratch Map

For the teen who is just venturing out in the world, this map lets them show off which countries they have visited. The shimmering gold layer can be scratched off for a unique personalised world map which they can hang on the wall or keep in its tube.


Surfing: In Search of the Perfect Wave (2nd Edition) by Peter Diel & Eric Menges (2008)Surfing: In Search of the Perfect Wave

A real surfer’s guide, this book will provide you with insights on how to become a great surfer. The three sections will take you through basic techniques, tips and tricks and information on weather and travel.


For the Sailors

Logbook for Cruising under Sail .Logbook for Cruising Under Sail

The perfect gift for anyone passionate about sailing, the logbook allows space for electronic navigation information and narrative and also doubles as a visitors’ book.


World Cruising EssentialsWorld Cruising Essentials

This third volume in Jimmy Cornell's acclaimed and successful World Cruising series is the ultimate authority on boats, gear, and techniques for long-distance cruising under sail. Built from the advice and tips from 15,000 sailors, it answers all the most frequently asked questions on cruising.


Dead Men's Silver: The Story of Australia's Greatest Shipwreck Hunter

Dead Men's Silver

Hugh Edwards, the man who found the Batavia, has spent fifty years exploring shipwrecks around the world. In the Mediterranean, the Falklands, Cambodia - wherever there is treasure to be found. This is the story of a lifetime of adventure - of dangerous seas, thrilling underwater locations, of pirate diplomacy and empire building, and of modern derring-do.


For the 4WD Nuts

Pat Callinan's 4x4 Advanced GuidePat Callinan’s 4x4 Advanced Guide

Inside you’ll find everything you need to move to the next level of 4x4 techniques and trip planning and extend your touring enjoyment further. Pat Callinan is one of Australia's foremost experts in four-wheel driving and is the star of the hit Network TEN series Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures.


Hema Australia Road & 4WD AtlasHema Australia Road & 4WD Atlas

Contains plenty of information on things to see and do throughout Australia as well as detailed mapping for the whole country. The 4WD section includes detailed information on the nation's most popular regions for 4WDriving. Perfect for planning a trip and navigating on the road.


For more suggestions, check out our online Gift Guide with its handy search categories. If you still find yourself aimlessly wandering around the virtual store or shop, just ask one of the friendly staff, we’re full of good gift ideas!
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