Walking the Bibbulmun Track Maps and Guidebooks

Bibbulmun Track starting point Western Australia boasts one of the longest walking trails in the world. The Bibbulmun Track stretches 1,000 km from Kalamunda in Perth to Albany in the south-west. The Track is popular with locals, interstate and overseas visitors alike. Choose a section of the Track for a day of amazing scenery or challenging walks or, if you’re game, tackle the whole Track. Due to its size, the Track is divided into nine sections. Bibbulmun Track northern terminus

Bibbulmun Track Map 1 - The First Leg

The Darling Range leg is 202 km from Kalamunda to Dwellingup. The first few campsites are only 10 km apart, but there is only one hut on this leg. The Mt Wells campsite is an old fire lookout with a hut used by fire watchmen. There are no townsites between the start and finish points on this 12-day leg, so food supply drops are required. Spectacular views can be seen from the top of Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor, Mt Dale, Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent, Mt Cooke and Boonerring Hill. This part of the Track is popular with day walkers. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 1 - Darling Range Bibbulmun Track Map 1: Darling Range

Dwellingup to Collie

Map 2 is the second leg is 102 km of timber and fruit growing country to the east of Pinjarra. The seven-day section provides a range of recreation opportunities including the 11-metre tree top at the Forest Heritage Centre and School of Wood, canoeing and whitewater rafting at Baden Powel water spout on the Murray River. Other tourist stops include the Hotham Valley steam train and WA’s only World War Two POW Camp. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 2 - Dwellingup Bibbulmun Track Map 2: Dwellingup

Bibbulmun Track Collie

Collie to Balingup

Leaving the coal mining and coal-fired power plant two of Collie, the 82 km leg of the Track takes you through virgin jarrah forest, Wellington Dam and Wellington National Park, the Collie River and Minningup Pool for swims in the warmer months. The three-day leg takes walkers from town-to-town. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 3 - Collie Bibbulmun Track Map 3: Collie

Balingup to Donnelly River Village

One of the shorter sections of the Track, this is 60 km of beautiful jarrah, marri and karri forest country. The halfway point of the Track offers stunning views of the Blackwood and Donnelly Rivers, bubbling brooks, swimming at the Mt Jones dam, kangaroos and emus at Donnelly River Village, rail formations and the Greenbushes tin mine. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 4 - Blackwood Bibbulmun Track Map 4: Blackwood

Bibbulmun Track Pemberton

Donnelly River Village to Pemberton

This 100 km stretch offers some of the hardest hills of the Track. There are riverside campsites and swimming holes plus some of the best old-growth Karri forest to balance out the difficult walks. A popular spot is the Beedleup Falls with its 10-metre waterfall along with Pemberton's Big Brook Dam and the Big Brook Arboretum which feature trees from around the world. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 5 - Pemberton Bibbulmun Track Map 5: Pemberton

Pemberton to Northcliffe

The pleasant walk conditions of this 55 km stretch include the famous Gloucester Tree with its 61-metre climb to the top. Other spots of interest include The Cascades with its picturesque waterfalls flowing from Lefroy Brook, the Pemberton Tramway station, the Warren River for a swim and River Road Bridge, an old wooden trestle bridge over the Warren River and finally the Northcliffe Forest Park. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 6 - Northcliffe Bibbulmun Track Map 6: Northcliffe

Bibbulmun Track Northcliffe

Northcliffe to Walpole

The 140 km stretch is the most remote of the Track with walkers not seeing signs of civilisation for much of the eight days. Spots to visit include the Northcliffe Pioneer Museum, beaches of Windy Harbour, the granite dome at Mt Chudalup, Lane Poole Falls, the shipwreck at Mandalay Beach Lookout and Mt Clare summit walk. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 7 - Walpole Bibbulmun Track Map 7: Walpole

Walpole to Denmark

The 127 km stretch has more challenging walks through magnificent karri and tingle forest near Walpole and the Valley of the Giants. Highlights include the Giant Tingle Tree walk along boardwalks, Sappers Bridge, 60 metre of walkways along the well-known Tree Top Walk and amazing views from Mt Hallowell and Monkey Rock. The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 8 - Denmark/Albany Bibbulmun Track Map 8: Denmark/Albany

Denmark to Albany

Much of the 85 km of this leg is a coastal walk offering sheltered swimming spots and uninterrupted coastal views. Check out Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park for a swim or snorkel, The Blowholes, Gap and Natural Bridge in the Torndirrup National Park, the Porongorup and Stirling Ranges and the Albany wind farm lookout.

Bibbulmun Track Walpole

Bibbulmun Track Maps and Resources

If you are walking the full Track, invest in the eight Bibbulmun Track Pack rather than buy the maps separately. The Bibbulmun Track Handbook contains general Track information, planning, safety, history and more. It is designed to be used as a companion to the completely revised Guidebooks or as helpful planning information before you head out. If it’s the wildflowers and other plant life you are keen to discover along the Track, pick up a copy of the comprehensive Wildflowers of the Northern Bibbulmun Track and Jarrah Forests. The maps for the first half of the Track in a four pack is called the Bibbulmun Track Northern Map Pack and the second half of the Track is covered in the Bibbulmun Track Southern Map Pack. All the details you will need to plan your accommodation, meal re-supply, transport and tour operators are available in the Bibbulmun Track: Accommodation and Services Guide. After your walk, be sure to leave a review of the maps and guides on our site. We’d love to hear all about your trek!
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